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How to Set iptv links and m3u playlist?

The easiest way to watch these channels is to install VLC media player. It is free software and really reliable and easy to use.

Nevertheless, VLC is only efficient if you intend to run iptv on computers and android phones and tablets. For you to play iptv links or m3u files on Smart TV, for instance, you need to install another apps.

In the following tutorial, we will be covering how to set up iptv on Smart TV, Kodi, Apple TV, android phones and tablets, and iOS iPhones and iPads.

How to set up iptv links and m3u playlist on Smart TV Samsung and LG ?

The following is a thorough guide to help you set up your iptv free on your Smart TV.

Notice that these guidelines apply to Samsung and LG Smart TV, because the process may differ with other brands.

1. First download Smart TV App from your Smart TV Apps Store.

2. Install Smart TV App following the wizard setup and then launch it. (You would see a message on the screen indicating that you only have 7 days free trial and you have to purchase the app for € 5.49 for a lifetime license).

3. Locate your MAC address on the right of your screen: take a note of it because you are going to use it in the next step.

4. Go to http://siptv.eu/mylist/

5. Type your MAC address in the indicated field (MAC).

6. Upload your m3u or m3u8 playlist file in the field “File: Choose File” OR paste the link in the “URL” field if you have a link iptv URL.

How to set up IPTV on Kodi

Follow below steps to set up iptv links or m3u list on Kodi:

1. From the Kodi home screen, go to Add-ons, My Add-ons, and select PVR.
2. Click on PVR IPTV Simple Client and then Configure
3. Under M3U Play List URL, paste your list link and then click on OK.
If you had the PVR IPTV Simple Client Enabled already, it should refresh and display the already loaded channels in the top right corner.

If PVR IPTV Simple Client is Disabled, click on the Enable button.

4. Back on the Kodi home screen, click on TV to launch your M3U playlist and view what live IPTV channels have loaded.

Setting up iptv on iPhone iPad and Apple TV

There are many Apps to run IPTV on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, and you can pick whatever IPTV app for iOS you like.

Here we will be practicing on GSE SMART IPTV PRO which is an amazing and highly rated up, and above all it’s FREE. You can download it from App Store.

1. Go to the App Store and install the GSE SMART IPTV PRO app
2. Open the settings menu
3. Click on Remote Playlists.
4. Click on the + button and choose the Add M3U URL option.
5. Enter a name in the Playlist Name field
(Example: TV) and delete all existing data and all spaces in the Playlist link field and enter the URL address that you have.

How to set up IPTV links or m3u list on android phone tablet?

We will use VLC Player Android app to run IPTV playlist on android whether smartphone or tablet. We will show you how to run iptv links on android devices smartphones or tablets using two apps: VLC for Android and IPTV Extreme.

You can choose what better fits you, though we would recommend VLC.

So here are the two methods with both apps:

1- Setting up iptv on anroid with VLC for Android

1. Go to Google Play Store
2. Download VLC Player Android.
3. Open to install VLC android app
4. Locate your m3u or m3u8 playlist file and click to play it
; a pop-up would appear that asks you which app to use to run the file. Choose VLC for Android.

NOTE: if the pop-up does not show up and the playlist is opened automatically on the default app that normally read media files on your device, consider editing your device’s setting to make VLC as default. Here is how to do that:

  • Go to your device Settings.
  • Access the Application Manager.
  • Locate that default app you want to replace by VLC App and click on it.
  • Press Clear Default.
  • Set VLC for Android as your default app.

2- Setting up iptv on anroid Using IPTV Extreme

1. Download IPTV Extreme from Google Play Store.
2. Install the app on your device
3. Locate your playlist file and click to play it
; a pop-up will appear that asks you which app to use to run the file. Choose IPTV Extreme.

Learn how to set up IPTV on VLC

IPTV links premium ROMANIA for free

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# File File size Downloads
1 RO-IPTV-List-[1]-0407-2020 5 KB 471
2 RO-IPTV-List-[2]-0407-2020 7 KB 223
3 RO-IPTV-List-[3]-0407-2020 7 KB 162
4 RO-IPTV-List-[4]-0407-2020 22 KB 311
5 RO-M3u-IPTV-[2]-3006-2020 7 KB 477
6 RO-M3u-IPTV-[3]-3006-2020 22 KB 388
7 RO-M3u PlayList-[2]-1906-2020 7 KB 378
8 RO-IPTV-File-[4]-2306-2020 4 KB 392
9 RO-IPTV¨-List-[1]-1006-2020 7 KB 391
10 RO-IPTV-List-[2]-2405-2020 7 KB 395
11 RO-IPTV-List-[2]-0506-2020 7 KB 395
12 RO-IPTV¨-List-[2]-1006-2020 7 KB 384
13 RO-IPTV¨-List-[5]-1006-2020 3 KB 391
14 RO-IPTV-File-[5]-1705-2020 4 KB 385
15 RO-M3u-List-[2]-1605-2020 7 KB 385
16 RO-M3u-PlayList-[1]-2905-2020 7 KB 394
17 RO-M3u-File-[1]-2205-2020 7 KB 381
18 RO-M3u-File-[2]-2205-2020 7 KB 382
19 RO-IPTV-File-[1]-1705-2020 7 KB 384
20 RO-IPTV-File-[2]-1705-2020 7 KB 383
21 RO-M3u-List-[1]-1605-2020 7 KB 376
22 RO-M3u-IPTV-File-[4]-2605-2020 4 KB 382
23 RO-IPTV-List-[1]-0506-2020 7 KB 382
24 RO-IPTV-List-[4]-3005-2020 5 KB 380
25 RO-IPTV-List-[2]-1406-2020 7 KB 393
26 RO-M3u-File-[1]-1706-2020 7 KB 383
27 RO-IPTV-List-[5]-3005-2020 7 KB 381
28 RO-M3u-PlayList-[2]-2905-2020 7 KB 385
29 RO-M3u-List-[4]-1605-2020 10 KB 382
30 RO-IPTV¨-List-[6]-1006-2020 4 KB 382
31 RO-M3u-PlayList-[4]-1905-2020 4 KB 384
32 RO-M3u-File-[2]-1206-2020 7 KB 380
33 RO-M3u-File-[4]-0706-2020 8 KB 381
34 RO-IPTV-List-[4]-1406-2020 2 KB 384
35 RO-M3u-PlayList-[4]-2905-2020 6 KB 389
36 RO-IPTV-List-[3]-0506-2020 22 KB 388
37 RO-IPTV¨-List-[4]-1006-2020 8 KB 392
38 RO-IPTV-File-[2]-2306-2020 7 KB 386
39 RO-M3u-PlayList-[2]-1905-2020 7 KB 388
40 RO-M3u-File-[2]-0706-2020 7 KB 389
41 RO-M3u-IPTV-File-[2]-2605-2020 7 KB 392
42 RO-IPTV-List-[4]-2405-2020 4 KB 394
43 RO-M3u-List-[3]-1605-2020 22 KB 395
44 RO-M3u-File-[2]-1706-2020 7 KB 410
45 RO-M3u PlayList-[5]-1906-2020 8 KB 403
46 RO-M3u PlayList-[3]-1906-2020 22 KB 417
47 RO-M3u-File-[3]-0706-2020 22 KB 412
48 RO-IPTV¨-List-[3]-1006-2020 22 KB 420
49 RO-M3u-PlayList-[3]-2905-2020 22 KB 415
50 RO-IPTV-List-[2]-3005-2020 7 KB 417
51 RO-M3u-File-[2]-0206-2020 7 KB 414
52 RO-M3u-File-[3]-1706-2020 22 KB 424
53 RO-M3u-File-[3]-1206-2020 22 KB 418
54 RO-IPTV-List-[3]-3005-2020 22 KB 425
55 RO-M3u-IPTV-File-[3]-2605-2020 22 KB 426
56 RO-IPTV-List-[3]-1406-2020 22 KB 448
57 RO-IPTV-File-[4]-1705-2020 10 KB 441
58 RO-M3u PlayList-[4]-1906-2020 10 KB 465
59 RO-IPTV-List-[3]-2405-2020 22 KB 472
60 RO-M3u PlayList-[1]-1906-2020 7 KB 480
61 RO-M3u-File-[3]-0206-2020 22 KB 500
62 RO-M3u-File-[3]-2205-2020 22 KB 509
63 RO-M3u-File-[4]-2205-2020 4 KB 509
64 RO-M3u-File-[1]-0706-2020 7 KB 550
65 RO-M3u-IPTV-[1]-3006-2020 7 KB 610
66 RO-M3u-IPTV-File-[1]-2605-2020 7 KB 577
67 RO-IPTV-List-[1]-2405-2020 7 KB 585
68 RO-M3u-File-[1]-1206-2020 7 KB 596
69 RO-IPTV-File-[3]-2306-2020 22 KB 621
70 RO-M3u-PlayList-[3]-1905-2020 22 KB 624
71 RO-IPTV-List-[1]-3005-2020 7 KB 615
72 RO-IPTV-List-[1]-1406-2020 7 KB 666
73 RO-M3u-File-[1]-0206-2020 7 KB 673
74 RO-IPTV-File-[1]-2306-2020 7 KB 818
75 RO-IPTV-File-[3]-1705-2020 22 KB 994
76 RO-M3u-PlayList-[1]-1905-2020 7 KB 1255

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    • Hi George,
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  1. Buna ziua,

    Ma numesc Alex si locuiesc in Suedia.
    De ieri am instalat Smart Tv pe un Samsung Ju7005T si am o problema atunci cand vad un post tv ( indiferent de tara ).
    Dupa cateva secunde ecranul se face negru si apoi revine imaginea si iara merge si o tine asa ca o bucla.
    Am reinstalat aplicatia, am schimbat o gramada de canale….la fel.
    Am un internet foarte bun 250MB/s conexiune foarte buna …. am modificat chiar si bufferul dar nu am observart nicio schimbare.

    Va multumesc in avans daca ma puteti ajuta intr-un fel!

    O zi frumoasa,

    • Folosind VLC Player cu optiunea loop activata, DOAR pentru UN canal din lista, vei putea viziona canalul respectiv. Asta inseamna sa deschizi lista cu un editor de text simplu, sa cauti canalul pe care vrei sa il viziionezi – de ex. PRO TV – si sub denumirea canalului vei gasi un link – http…. Copiaza link-ul, deschide VLC, alege optiunea “Media” “Open network stream”, clic dreapta pe campul adresei > Paste/Lipeste si clic pe Play. Nu uita, activeaza optiunea LOOP dupa pornirea streamului.

  2. nice job, admin!
    few days searching and finally found what I was looking for. the channels are going perfectly, I left my e-mail address to be notified when you make new posts.

  3. Salut , poti te rog sa-mi dai o lista a canalelor romanesti si nu numai . Daca ai ceva complet, cu sport si filme pe langa cele romanesti ar fi super!

  4. -va salut ! locuiesc in franta si ma uit la posturi tv romanesti m-ar interesa pro Tv in mod special va rog daca puteti sa ma ajutati .

  5. Upload the list in smart IP tv. Playlist uploaded ok. Try to connect: Stream error. It is buffering but no success. Please advice

  6. It’s getting interrupted every 15 seconds or so. I’m not sure if it’s because of the internet or the list itself or the iptv player. Any idea Admin?

    • To make sure which of those may be the reason for that, try all Romania lists, especially the first one (the first is more stable): if only one ot two lists show that misbehavior, then the issue is caused by the server itself. If otherwise, all the lists buffer constantly, then you have to check your connection mainly and then iptv player. To check the app player we recommend to try VLC.

    • I could not understand. I use google tralstation because we can only understand English, French, Some Spanish. Please try to write in a way that can be auto translated.


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